Zion National Park

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001_kolob_laverkin_creek_trailLaVerkin Creek Trail.

An overnight hike on the LaVerkin Creek Trail in the upper Kolob part of the park.

0003_observation_point_trail.jpgObservation Point Trail.

A hike up to Observation Point, 4 miles one way, 2200 feet ascent. Steep dropoffs; not for those afraid of heights!

0002_hop_valley.jpgHop Valley Trail.

Hop Valley Trail: Starts out in a desert, eventually decends into a beautiful, quiet, pristine valley; at least in early spring. I saw no one else on this trail — solitude was wonderful!

003_angels_landing_trail.jpgAngel’s Landing Trail.

Angel’s Landing Trail: One of the more popular trails… lots of people. Felt like Disnelyland.

003_0002_watchman.jpgWatchman Campground.

Watchman Tents Only Campground: Right at the south entrance of the park.

003_0002_watchman.jpgSinawava Trail.

Sinwava Trail: Easy flat short trail, about a mile long, crowded with people and squirrels

008_emerald_pools_trail.jpgEmerald Pools Trail.

Emerald Pools Trail: Right across from the main lodge. Short trail with a couple of wateralls falling into pools.

010_water_canyonWater Canyon Trail.

This trail is not in the park at all, but about a 50 minute drive away, outside the town of Hilldale.


Some miscellaneous pics taken with a point and shoot (which I sadly ended up dropping in a river)